Welcome to Quadoo Adventure. For 10 years we have been organizing events on quads and snowmobiles. We offer tours, excursions and social events and events in the mountains in Zakopane. We have our own equipment, quads, ATV's, four 4x4 - off road organize events, events for businesses, attractions in Zakopane, company trips, events. Attractive range of integration events in Zakopane. Event support businesses, corporations, travel agencies. We have ATVs for rent for events and rental quads in Zakopane.

ATVs and snowmobiles are our passion outside of work hours, so with the organization of the quads and snowmobiles we approach the subject with a heart and commitment. We organize trips on mountain slopes. Our base is Zakopane - Gubalowka, and the offer (good and efficient equipment, the best routes in Poland, experienced and helpful instructors) is one of the best offers quad in Poland. We are aware of this, maintaining a high standard for every customer who is playing with us. This is appreciated by our regular customers, individual and corporate.

Quadoo Adventure is not only a rental of quads, we organize tours on quad bikes with a guide, we help take their first steps, learn to ride in the mountains, improve your cycling technique. We focus on safety, it is the basis for each of our expedition, we strive to make our trip to the quad was a great adventure for each participant. We make sure that during the tour you can feel the 4x4. The natural terrain and stunning mountain views are indescribable.

Our starting point is Gubałówka, 300 meters from the top lift station Szymoszkowa and 150 meters from the top lift station Butorowy (the base is open seasonally). The participants of our expedition, we offer professional equipment and clothing Yamaha - helmets, gloves, goggles, boots. We make sure that every member of our skill to feel comfortable. We have great attractions in Zakopane.