Integration – Quad Riding and Dunajec Rafting

Integration - Quad Riding and Dunajec Rafting is a combination of the three biggest attractions of the Zakopane region - a mountain quad expedition + a beautiful scenic hike in the Podhale region, rafting on the river - this is a unique mountain river that flows between the rocky peaks of the Pieniny. Quads for two people are an ideal vehicle for a day trip for two people, during a full-day event, participants will reach Sromowiec - a town 60 km away from Zakopane, where they defeat the Pieniny Przełom Dunajca with a rafting raft or a wooden traditional raft - the option of choosing a booking option.

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Expedition Off Road ATV + CARS All Day Long

Off Road Day is an 7-long-hour mountain bike adventure - on the quads and in off-road cars, on the mountains and off-road. A real offroad. During your trip we will visit many parts of Podhale - you will find many hours of the highlander adventure in the mountainous terrain. The expedition provides the 7-long-hour tour, during which we will cover several dozen kilometers on the mountain routes, half on quads, and the other half on the off-roader. There will be crossing elements, typical for mountain off-road as well as long gravel sections, for those who like speed. We will visit Podhale and admire its beauty from the perspective of the field vehicles, we will get to anywhere. The start from Quadoo. This is the unique, scenic, all-day adventure that you will not meet in the another part of Poland.

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Tatra Games – teambuilding and incentive event

Tatra Games - an attractive integration party on Gubalowka. Participants will be divided into subgroups. While the first group will be invited to a fantastic trip on quad bikes, running through Gubałówka range, another groups will try their hand at Adventure Park. There will be prepared an altitude ROPE OBSTACLES TRACK which will be installed on the trees at a height of 6-8 meters. On the way, participants overcome various obstacles, bridges, downhills, etc. Another attraction is TYROLKA XXL - the maximum dose of adrenaline, one of the longest downhills in Poland. Another attraction is a 12 meter high CLIMBING WALL, and JUMP from 14 meter high tower, located on the trees - attraction of high-end, great dose of adrenaline and unforgettable experience for everyone. Overload during jumping reaches 2G. For groups over 50 persons, the program can be expanded with additional attractions. During the event, we offer coffee or lunch snack outdoors with beautiful views of the mountains.

The event will be officially completed the organizer's speech, awarding of diplomas and a choice of three of the most efficient and distinguished participants of the event.

The cost of organizing an event depends on the number of participants and the duration of the event. Offers prepare the specific query.

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Integration Off Road Day

Integration - Off Road Day, is a true off road adventure event in the mountains, where participants will be able to ride quad bikes and jeeps. This is a full-day event focused on mega off road. In the middle of the expedition convivial lunch outdoor at one of the Tatra clearings. Participants will be divided into two groups, the first group will receive double 4x4 quads, the second group - 4x4 off-road cars. Each group will go for three hour tour, which begins on Gubałówka. Participants during the trip will have to overcome several kilometers in difficult mountain area, some on quad bikes, some in cars - everyone will meet water, streams, mud, ravines, downhill and uphill routes. After 3 hour crossing we reach one of the Tatra clearings, where we will have time for rest and meal. After the break, the group will change and leave on a journey back to the area of Gubałówka Hill.

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Expedition Off Road ATV + CARS

Off Road is a true off-road event in the mountains, where the participants will be able to ride on the quads and off-road cars. It is the all-day event, geared towards the expedition, crossing and adventure in the mountains. The participants will be divided into two groups, for the first group we will prepare quads, 4x4 for the second group. Each group will go on an expedition that will start at Gubałówka. The participants during this expedition will have a dozen or so kilometers in the difficult mountain terrain, one on quads, the other on cars - all will meet with adventure and what nature prepared us. At the crossing we will reach one of the Tatra glades, where there will be time to rest and a warm meal by the fire. After the break, the group will turn to vehicles and return to Gubałówka.

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Event – Quad Safari Weekend

3-day stay in Zakopane. Full program with accommodation, meals and attractions during the day and at night. Accommodation is offered at the Tatra House guesthouse in Zakopane. On arrival we will invite participants to a good highlander dinner - dances and good fun guaranteed. On the next day we organize outdoor activities, such as rafting on the Dunajec River and trekking on quads at the end of thermal pools with hot springs. In the evening, supper at the bonfire. Specific offer, interesting program and attractive price in package. With us you will find many attractions and fun.

PRICE / net amount:

cost of the event - 295 EUR / person group up to 10 people
cost of the event - 255 EUR / person group up to 20 people
cost of the event - 215 EUR / person group up to 30 people

Detailed program available on request. The minimum number of people needed to organize the event is 6-7.

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