Integration Off Road


True off road adventure event in the mountains, where participants will be able to ride quad bikes and jeeps. This is a full-day event focused on off road. In the middle of the expedition we will have a outdoor lunch with barbecue. Participants will be divided into two groups, the first group will receive double 4x4 quads, the second group - 4x4 off-road cars. Each group will go for tour, which begins on Gubałówka. Participants during the trip will have to overcome several kilometers in difficult mountain area, some on quad bikes, some in cars - everyone will meet water, streams, mud, ravines, downhill and uphill routes. We will have time for rest and meal. After the break, the group will change the vehicles and start the journey back.


per person 3h 275 PLN

1h riding + 1h lunch with barbecue + 1h riding

per peson 4h 395 PLN

1,5h riding + 1h lunch with barbecue + 1,5h riding

per person 5h 535 PLN

2h riding + 1h lunch with barbecue + 2h riding