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Our offer includes scenic trips and quad off-road trips as well as quad bike rental

As a Snowdoo Adventure company, we organize winter snowmobile expeditions, and in the summer as Quadoo Adventure we organize quad expeditions in Zakopane. We have our own ATV quads and four-wheelers 4x4 - we organize off road events for companies in Zakopane as well as company trips and events. We serve tourists, event companies, corporations, tourist offices, travel agencies. We operate as a quad rental and organizer of events in Zakopane on Gubałówka and in Witów.

Quads and snowmobiles are our passion, so when organizing events, we approach the subject with a heart, and our experience guarantees professional service of the event.



Our base is on top of Gubałówka - Butorowy Wierch.
Head left from the Gubałówka railway station.