Our base is on top of Gubałówka - Butorowy Wierch. Go to the left of the Gubałówka railway station.

How to get to us ?

From the center of Zakopane you can go to the PKL Gubałówka railway, after going up, go left (having the Tatras on your left) 1200 m towards the Chairlift to Szymoszkowa, 300 meters further on the right there is the Snowdoo base.
By car you can easily go to Gubaówka, with winter tires or a 4x4 drive. On the top Gubałówka runs an asphalt road, which can be reached from Zakopane in 10-15 minutes, going through the village of Kościelisko and then along Salamandra street, go to the top of Gubałówka - there at the intersection to the right and on the left is our Snowdoo base - the car should be parked on one from three Parking lots around us - cost PLN 3.
By taxi, 10-15 minutes from Zakopane - Droga Zubka 40 / Gubałówka address, it is enough to provide information that on snowmobiles to Snowdoo on Gubałówka - cost about 50-70 PLN from Zakopane. When ordering a transfer with us, it costs PLN 50 from anywhere in Zakopane.