Dzicz Bieszczadzka IV – eliminations 2009

Twenty hours through the Bieszczady wilderness.
Quadoo Team riders on the podium of an extreme quad rally. During the weekend in Baligród the fourth edition of the most difficult quad event in Poland – Dzicz Bieszczadzka. In the debut, our instructors did a fantastic job, finishing in third place.

The result was considered by the organizers to be the biggest surprise of this edition. – Our goal was mainly to reach the finish line successfully.

We did not set a particular place for ourselves, especially since our quads were serial quads, among the highly tuned and retrofitted machines of other participants. Many doubted that we would be able to finish the rally. Meanwhile, at the finish line we learned that we are the third team that completely covered the route and fit in the limit of 20 hours.

Dzicz Bieszczadzka is primarily a great test for the nature of players and equipment. The route was located on nearly 1,000 hectares, and consisted of five stages, each of which led through a stream of streams or deep into 100 meters of Bieszczady ravines. The players moved from point to point using the so-called roadbook and GPS navigation.

– At the start of the rally, we stood at 23.30 and from that moment we rode nonstop all night and all day, which took us a total of 19 hours and 57 minutes – they report. – At the beginning we were driving quite confidently and carefully, ahead of other crews that took off before us. About two o’clock in the morning Mateusz raided the root that damaged the radiator. There was a cooling problem and every few minutes we had to pour the cooler with water from the stream. In the morning, after driving two stages, in the pouring rain we reached the service point, where after two hours the quad was repaired and we could continue the rally. The next three stages – among others, a deep pond, which we were the only ones to pass without using the winch – we overcame in good time.

On the fifth stage, fatigue was felt, which mainly contributed to several very dangerous looking tippers. In one of them Mateusz grimaced the rocker, which prevented him from turning right. At the end of the last stage of the accident, the winch was lost and from now on we had one for two quads. The drama started fortunately at the finish line, we appeared 3 minutes before the end of the limit! We finished the event happily without injury, but with considerable losses in equipment. We were not, however, exceptions. There was no quad bike, which came to the finish line in full, and there were also those that pulled heavy equipment off the route. For our part, we would like to thank PsBike Yamaha for preparing our quads for this rally.

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