Quad Bikes Tour – 8 hour landscape guided tour around Region


Quad Region is a full day 8-long-hour 4x4 quad bike tour. During your trip we will visit many parts of Podhale, we will travel around the whole Podhale region - you will find many hours of the highlander adventure in the mountainous terrain. The tour envisages 8 hours, during which we will cover dozens of kilometers on the mountain routes. There will be crossing elements, typical for the mountain off-road as well as long gravel sections, for those who like the speed. We will visit Podhale and admire its beauty from the perspective of a four-wheeler, which will take you anywhere. Start from Quadoo. This is a unique, all-day adventure on the quads.

Additional services:

Protective clothes - 10 EUR/ person
Insurance - reduce their own responsibility for the equipment to the amount of 250 EUR - additional fee 15 EUR / driver

PRICE: 450 EUR driver + 100 EUR passenger BOOK ONLINE